Decorating with Wordle

If you are taking the time to create websites and blogs, you might as well take a few minutes to create a word cloud graphic for it using Wordle. 

It only took a couple of minutes to enter the words that I use daily in my ancestral quest.  They represent only a fraction of the terms that flash through the subconscious mind of genealogists hot on the trail of lost ancestors.

Of course that process is true of almost all activities that require focus and mental effort.  If the words that flash through our minds when we get a breakfast of cereal and juice in the morning flashed on a screen in front of our eyes, we’d be so mesmerized that we’d probably forget to eat.

How many functions represented by single word tokens flow through your mind when you start your research day?

Does the word cloud graphic below have any great meaning in this post? 

No, but I like its look.

Lineagekeeper Wordle2

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Family history research is a favored avenue of relaxation. It is a Sherlock-like activity that can continue almost anywhere at any time. By leveraging a lifetime involvement in technology, my research efforts have resulted in terabytes of ancestral data, earning me the moniker of Lineagekeeper. And yes - We are all related to Royalty.