Charles Logie’s Letters

In 1900, my 2nd great grandfather, Charles Joseph Gordon Logie wrote a series of letters to his daughter, Beatrice, who was a school teacher in Brigham Canyon, Utah.

Like many old letters, they provide a snapshot in time about his family, important events, proclivities and opinions that convey that delicious family history detail that we all crave.

lettersThe letters came to me over circuitous routes and are very precious to me.

Other family records were inherited or collected by myself over many decades and almost unimaginable (even to me) hours of research.

Old lineage records will be added as time goes on but for now I’ll post grandpa Logie’s letters in the same chronological order that they were written.

I love his wry sense of humor, his never ending allegiance to the Queen and fact that he almost circled the world by the time he was thirty.

Along with his wife and baby daughter Charles survived being shipwrecked in the South Pacific. He was a carpenter, an undertaker, a curfew enforcer and a tease. I especially like the tease facet of his personality.

Many of my ancestors had similarly fascinating lives and those details along with those of uncles, aunts, cousins and friends will eventually find their way to this site.

Being a lineage keeper isn’t something you are elected to do. It is something you are born to do.

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