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family_techThe long list of resources at FamilySearch continues to expand.  Most family history researchers are unaware of the Family Tech site by the folks at  FamilySearch.

The articles posted on the site are jam-packed full of ideas, recommendations and how-to’s in maximizing technology to strengthen your research, documentation and preservation skills.

The preponderance of the articles are written by researchers that have ‘won’ their stripes in the use of the tools they describe in their postings.  Not only do they understand the tool, they understand how researchers can and will use it in their ancestral quest.

The genealogical community wins all the way around on Family Tech.  Knowledgeable authors, that speak ‘genealogy’ coupled with  practical experience and affiliation with the standards and organization of FamilySearch.

The articles are written to address a wide spectrum of researchers, from beginners who are purchasing a new computer to seasoned lineage seekers.

Family Tech already has something for everybody in its growing catalog.

If you have knowledge and expertise in any tool that would benefit other researchers, Family Tech invites you to create an account if you don’t already have a FamilySearch login and share your knowledge.  Just drop the editors a note and discuss your idea with them.

If you haven’t visited the site before, take some time and do it soon.  If you are familiar with it, take a look again.  New articles are constantly being posted.  Unless you are a real technology geek, there will be something new to learn on Family Tech.  If you are a geek, Welcome!  What tools, skills and tips can you share to help the community?

Crowd sourcing genealogy tech knowledge.  A great idea that works.

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