A Moment in History ~ Meteorite over Utah ~ 1962


Thinking back to that night, the images from the flash and subsequent light show in the sky are still clear in my mind.  I was just a young pup when a meteorite exploded over our home in Utah, but I hadn’t seen one before, so it was fascinating.

I grew up in a era of the first space launches, Sputnik and regular drills at school that taught us to dive under our desks and try to cover up as a protection from a Russian nuclear blast.

The explosion in the sky on the night of 18 April 1962 obviously caught my attention, but I could tell that I wasn’t observing my last moments on earth. 

Did I hear the boom of the explosion? Probably not, although my mind imagined it.  I did see the extremely bright flash and immediately looked up into the late evening sky to see the show while night became day again for a few seconds. 

Why am I writing about that event on a blog with a focus on genealogy?  It’s because that story is included in my life history.  I tell it to our grandchildren when they are bored.  it adds color, diversity and chronological facts and substance to my life tale.

As you write your own life story, remember to include interesting events from your life that typically would be left on the shelf, lost in time.  They become the color that makes your history interesting. 

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Meteorite Explodes over Utah 2

        Meteorite Explodes over Utah 2 pt 2a 

Meteorite Explodes over Utah

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