Tombstone Tuesday ~ Mary Mulford Anderson

My 3rd great grandmother, Mary Mulford Anderson, was born on 21 Aug 1792 in Green County, Pennsylvania.  She died on 16 Nov 1859 in Jefferson County, Iowa.

Living near the Maryland, West Virginia borders opened opportunities to meet young men from other states.  One of those opportunities led to her marriage with Hiram Anderson, a young man who had been born on his grandfather, William Anderson’s farm on the North Fork of the Potomac River in current day West Virginia.

The family slowly moved west, crossing the frontier from homestead to homestead.  Hiram died in 1853 in Boone County, Indiana.  After his death, Mary lived with her son, Hiram Benton Anderson.

Twelve children were born in the family as they migrated westward. It is hard to imagine the stress and strain on frontier mothers.

Hiram is buried in the Mechanicsburg Cemetery in Boone County, Indiana.   Mary is buried in the Stringtown Cemetery, Douglas, Madison Co., Iowa.

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