Myles Proudfoot ~ Genealogy Survey Report

myles-proudfootMyles Proudfoot attended the first RootsTech conference that was held in Salt Lake City on February 10 – 12th, 2011.  He notes that he was inspired by Curt Witcher’s keynote speech about “millennial genealogists”. 

As a market researcher, Myles leveraged his skills to create a “Family History Survey” that explores the interest, technological savvy and research tools used by a large group of genealogists worldwide. 

I’ve converted his excellent report to a webpage format so readers can view it in their web browsers.  Click view it.

Attributions, rights and use agreements are listed at the top of the report.  I think you will find it to be very enlightening and an interesting read.

RootsTech, if you are reading this, the 2012 RootsTech conference would be well served to have Myles as one of your presenters.

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