Major William Logie of Fochabers, Scotland

tapest8Major William Logie was born at Fochabers, Moray (now called Argyleshire), Scotland, 12 November 1782, second child of Alexander Logie and Agnes Clunie, who were married 1779 in Edinburgh. In 1800 he joined the Gordon Highlanders, promoted to Captain 1808, went on half-pay 1815 and fought in the Peninsular War. He was transferred to the 97th Regiment as Captain. 4 November 1824, 27 May 1825 he was promoted to major and went again on half-pay 14 July 1825.

He married firstly Mary McNair of Skelmorlie, and had six children; and secondly, Anne Smith, whose mother’s maiden name was Barbara Barclay of Towie, of the family of Baron of Towie -Towie is on Downside in the upland parts of Aberdeenshire. The Baron settled in Russia in the: seventeenth century and bred Michael, Prince Barclay de Telly, who devised the Russians’ strategic retreats in 1812, and in 1815 entered Paris as commander-in-chief of the Russian army. Earburn Benrclay’s miniature is in the possession of Barbara Heward and that Her oh Smith hangs ever my desk. They should be together.

William and Anne Logie bred two children, Alexander, born at Rosefield, Nairnshire, 16 December 1823 (died at Templards, Hamilton, 10 December 1873) and Barbara born at sea, 31 July 1825. The family was in route to the Major’s appointment as Governor of Ceylon, aboard the I.C.A. Minerva. On their return voyage in December 1827, aboard the bark, "Morning Star", pirates attacked them. The complete log of which is among the family papers.

Major Wm. Logie, having been granted land in Upper Canada, brought his wife and children, Alexander, Barbara and Mary (of his first family) out to Canada. About three miles east of Kingston he built the large stone house he called "Glenlogie", as it still is today, though sadly altered. Little Barbara died from a cold here on 4 January 1838 and is buried with her parents in Cataraqui Cemetery.

With his friends, Sir John A. Macdonald, Wm. Morris, John Machar and others, Major Logie helped found Queen’s University, 18 December 1839, because they felt that there were no proper facilities to educate their children in the Scottish manner. His sister Mary founded the Orphans Nome in Kingston.

Major Wm. Logie died at Glenlogie, New Brunswick, Canada on 17 June 1853. In several biographies of Sir John A. Macdonald, William Logie is mentioned, including a letter from the Prime Minister in sympathy over the death of Anne Logie in 1868.

William’s son, Alexander, read law in Macdonald’s office, later becoming Judge of the County of Wentworth. Alexander Logie became engaged to Mary Ritchie Crooks. They married 27 October 1852 at her uncle James Crooks’s house in Flanborough. They had eight children – a boy born dead at Hamilton, 5 February 1854; Anna Barbara born at Hamilton, 18 November 1856, died 1909; Mary Lawrason, my mother, born at Hamilton, 23 July 1858, died in Brockville, 26 May 1938; Margaret Beatrice, born at Hamilton, 4 March 1860, died 5 January 1862; Alice, born at Hamilton, 26 December 1861, died 1862; Alexandra Helena (Zanda), born at Hamilton, 23 August 1863, died 1909, shortly after her sister Anna; William Alexander born at Hamilton, 26 April 1868, died at Toronto, 6 June 1933; and John Lawrence, 1872-1873.

When Alexander Logie, Judge of the County of Wentworth, died at the age of forty-four, he left his wife, Mary, and four children without any money. The Widow Mary consulted her minister at St.Paul’s Presbyterian Church who said, "However you must economize, do not cut out your church". From which point things improved – she had "paying guests" at her house "Templards", 77 Markland St., Hamilton. Anna, her eldest daughter went to Edinburgh for some time to her Aunt Jane Logie, who must have been married. As it was her niece, Cousin Sophie Spens-Black, with whom M.L.R. and E.M. stayed from 1909-I1 while I went to St. Bride’s School. Mary Lawrason, the second daughter, married Dr. Thomas William Reynolds and Alexandra Helena (Aunt Zanda) married James Watson Wylie of Burnside, Almonte.

William Alexander married Wylie’s sister, Mamie. He had won a scholarship to Queen’s where he was captain of the football team and then of the team at Osgoode Hall while he was studying law. He was also captain of the Hamilton Tigers, an amateur team at this time.

As a lawyer in partnership with Tom McQueston and Alex Chisholm, William Alexander Logie founded the 91st Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders, a famous regiment in Hamilton and whose badge, a leopard’s head, was the Logie crest. He became Major General in command of No. I Division of the Canadian Army in 1914 and organized the camp at Niagara in 1914 and then Camp Borden in 1915. After the war he was appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Ontario and was given the C.B.

Uncle Wm. Logie and Aunt Maimie had four children – James Wylie, born in 1894 and drowned while a cadet at RMC in 1913; Mary Margaret Ramsay, 17 September 1899, married firstly Edmund Murney Morris and had sons, James Logie and William Murney; secondly she married George Cook after Edmund’s death c.1979. Anna Barbara Lauderdale~ born 17 June c.1904 died at Brockville, 11 September 1980, married Arthur Brian Augustus Heward, 28 December 1924-57. They had four children· Barbara Hamilton, born 26 July 1928, Chilion born 1930; Era Mary Logie, born 4 August 1933, married Donald Edward Jessup Greenwood, 18 November and had two sons and a daughter, Barbara born 22 August 1956. Efa’s younger sister, Faith, married Wm. Berghuis and had four children, two sons and two daughters.

Alexander Chisholm, the youngest child of Uncle Wm. Logie, married Phyllis Cassels and had two children, Robert Wm. Cassels Logie and Mary Joyce. Captain Alexander Chisholm Logie of the 48th Highlanders was killed in action 1 December 1944.

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