Property Sale ~ Edward Gilman of New Hampshire

John & Moses Gillman To Joseph Peck

bill-of-sale"Wee John and Moses Gillman of Exeter in New England …. wheras in the life time of our now Deceased father Edward Gillman there was by him sold a pcell of land in Seaconke to our kinsman Joseph Pecke there now resideing, and wheras a Deed of sale Authenticke was not by our said father given unto the said Josepth …. Wee therfore the said John and Moses Gillman" confirmed the sale by their father "unto our said Cozen Josepth Pecke".

The deed was dated at Exeter, 8 January, 1663, and signed by John Gillman and Moses Gillman. The witnesses were Humphrey Wilson and Richard Croade.

"Another writing …. agreeable to the forgoeing Deed"

"I Mary Gillman late wife unto Edward Gillman senir: now Deceased …. know that my husband in his life time sould unto Josepth Pecke Junr: all his lands lying in Seaconke …. further I know my husband in his life time received satisfaction in pte for the aforsaid lands; and alsoe I Doe acknowlidge …. that since the Death of my husband I have received the remainder of the pay in full satisfaction for the land"

The deed was dated 7 March, 1663, and signed by a mark.

The witnesses were John Leavitt and Japheth Hubbard.

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