Filing Records, Irish Names and Surname Stories

surnamesSeveral cousins in one of my international cousins groups asked me for recommendations on various genealogy topics during our last video conference.

Fortunately, I already had links to sites that provided the answers they were seeking, so their requests were immediately served. 

Meaning of Irish Surnames  Great. You found ancestors from the Emerald Isle.  Stop swaggering for a minute to see what the surnames mean along with their Gaelic equivalent.

Etymology of Surnames  Whenever folks mention the meaning and history of surnames, they want to know about their own family names.  Sometimes you laugh, sometimes you frown and sometimes you wish you hadn’t searched for the meaning – or at least the meaning that is listed on the Internet.  Even with that minor warning, I’ll bet you’ll still take a look. 

File Your Papers Is there a good way to file printed records from my genealogy program? Yes, there are many ways. Here are some quick lessons on filing that are tied to the genealogy software that you are using.

Don’t trust everything you see in print.

Just because a family genealogy or a record transcription has been written down or published does not necessarily mean that it is correct. You should never make assumptions about the quality of the research done by others. Anyone can make mistakes, including certified genealogists.

Most printed genealogies are likely to have at least a minor error or two, and some may even be completely off base. Books which contain transcriptions (cemetery, census, will, courthouse, etc.) may be missing vital information, may have transcription errors, or may even make invalid assumptions (i.e. stating that John is the son of William because he is the beneficiary of his will, when this relationship was not explicitly stated).

Always take the time to verify the information found in books with the primary source, if possible. Visit the cemetery or courthouse and see for yourself.

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