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tips_topIf you haven’t tried Google genealogy related surname search, give it a try this week.  Just go to and enter the following code in the search field:   surname ~"surname".   Thus, if we were searching for the surname Campbell, we would enter: surname ~campbell.   Note that there is a space between the word "surname" and the "~" (tilde) before the surname.  Quotes are not needed.  You may be surprised at how many family history related websites make reference to your surname.  Hopefully, you will find information that helps in your own ancestral quest.

Many researchers forget about the Free Genealogy Resources search site.  While most of the links are straight forward, you may need to try several searches in the advanced fields to learn the filtering codes that make the links really ‘sing’.   Additionally, the site links will take you to other sites that convert one language to another.  The conversion tool is very handy if you are searching for ancestors and don’t know the written language of their native land. 

Many family history websites, including my own, use the excellent "The Next Generation" (TNG)software by Darrin Lythgoe.  Darrin created a GENDEX server and many TNG users have submitted GENDEX files to him for inclusion on the server.  Millions of names have been added to the site for indexing and linking.  If you search for a surname or full name on the site, you will see the data that many of us TNG users have opened up to the indexing. 

If you don’t use TNG for your online site, the credentials to view the data are:

  • Username: tngnetwork
  • Password: guest

Click here to go to the TNG gendex search page.

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