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You know that a Monday will be great when you stumble across a blog that brings a smile to your face and a nod of appreciation in your mind when […]

You know that a Monday will be great when you stumble across a blog that brings a smile to your face and a nod of appreciation in your mind when you start your daily genealogy research activities.

That pleasant experience happened to me this morning when I found Lonnie DeCloedt’s excellent blog: The Weekly Pioneer.

Lonnie explains that he is a “huge history buff, a fact which would probably astonish my high school history teachers, since I hated the subject at that time and only did enough studying to barely manage to squeak by with a passing grade.”

I think it was the presentations and setting that weren’t conducive to him acquiring the history bug back then because Lonnie would make any historian and genealogist proud today.

His Weekly Pioneer blog focuses on the live and histories of folks whose graves he found during explorations of cemeteries and graves in the American Southwest. 

Lonnie has turned the bland names and dates on tombstones into documented life histories of the individual they memorialize.

I always spend time walking through cemeteries and reading the associated stories written on stone during my travels.  Volumes of history and local color about the community or location leap off the stones when you take the time to explore in this manner.

Lonnie has taken my exploration one giant step forward.  He turns tombstone data into the stories of real people via his research and documentation of their lives.

Not only has he written about folks “famous” and “infamous” but he has written about folks from every walk of life.  I first found his blog when looking for information about folks in the Gold Country of California where a branch of my family lived as participants in the gold rush and subsequent copper mining era’s.

Read about William Kinsman in Tombstone, John W. Price in El Dorado Co, CA, and Isaac Lurch in Mokelumne Hill, Calaveras Co., CA. as representative samples of Lonnie’s work.

You’ll enjoy learning about the people that he has discovered in his trips with his dog, Ashley.  Reading it will make you want to pack your cemetery research kit and hit the road yourself.

The Weekly Pioneer is a great read, well written, documented and presented.  Highly recommended.  Stop by and give Lonnie a thumbs up today.

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