Doing It Right at Arlington ~ Ricky Gilleland

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The stories of mismanagement at the Arlington National Cemetery have been legend during the past year.  Deceased veterans buried there may or may not have been buried where there tombstone is located.  Numerous other incidents have been confirmed with the management of this to me Is a National Monument.

Today, we read of a seventeen-year-old young man taking on the recording and photographing every grave in the cemetery and putting the information and photos on his site.

Way to go Ricky Gilleland!  He has taken the responsibility of honoring the veterans buried in Arlington to heart and is doing a work that apparently couldn’t be accomplished by the management of the cemetery.

As a nation, we owe Ricky not only our thanks but our respect.

Thanks Ricky.  Thanks for Paying It Forward and for paying it back.

Read his full story here.

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