Real Letters sent to the LDS Family History Center

Think twice, Write once.  But if you forget, the world will enjoy your missteps

  • I would like to find out if I have any living relatives or dead relatives or
    ancestors in my family.
  • He and his daughter are listed as not being born.
  • My Grandfather died when he was only 3.
  • We are sending you 5 children in separate envelopes.
  • The wife of # 22 could not be found.  Somebody suggested that she might have been stillborn — what do you think?
  • I am mailing you my aunt & uncle & the 3 children also.
  • Enclosed please find my Grandmother – I have worked on her for 30 yrs. and still have had no success SO you see what you can do.
  • This family had 7 nephews that I have worked on & have had no luck. If you
    know who they are add them to the list.
  • We lost our Grandmother would you please send us a copy.
  • Will you please send me the name of my first & seventh wifes – I have drawn
    a blank.
  • A 14 yr old boy wrote:  "I do not want you to do my research for me   Will you send me all the material for the Welch line in the USA &  England & Scotland.  Then I can do the rest" .
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