Charlotte Christiana Sophia Tirrill Morse Beecher

I first heard the name of my 3rd great grandaunt, Charlotte Christiana Sophia Tirrill when reading notes that were jotted down my my grandaunt, Julia Drew Tower

Julia’s mother, Helen Marr Farrar, had never met her aunt, Charlotte Christiana because her mother and family never returned to her family home in northern New Hampshire with her own family. 

After completing her education and receiving her teaching certificate, Julia had the opportunity to travel from the gold country of California to Stewartstown, New Hampshire to visit her mothers family.  Still in the habit of taking notes, Julia faithfully recorded as much information about her grandparents, aunts and uncles as she could so she could faithfully relay the information to her siblings back home.

Her grandmother, Mary Adith Tirrill was the oldest child and oldest daughter in the family of Seth and Azubah Chandler Tirrill.  She wondered if her mothers two surviving sisters looked like her grandmother.  Could their images help her imagine what her grandmother may have looked like?

Julia met Charlotte ‘Christiana’ and described her as a rather ‘stern’ plainly spoken woman.  She was old and had lived through a number of difficulties in her life.  Who knows how she felt when the conversation took place.

Julia was given a photo of her two surviving aunts, Helen (left) and Charlotte (right) showing them as old ladies sitting on one of the hills around Stewartstown on a summer day.  Aunt Charlotte also gave Julia an item or two from the jewelry of the ladies in her family as remembrances for the family in California.

Tirrill Helen left Charlotte Christiana right retouched

On a beautiful May day in 1990, my wife and I found the grave of Charlotte and her husband in the Piper Hill Cemetery, south of Stewartstown, New Hampshire adjacent to those of her parents and many other family members.

Now the living descendants of great grandma Helen Marr Farrar know where great aunt Charlotte Christiana is buried and thanks to Julia’s visit with her at the turn of the 20th century, we have a slight insight into her personality.

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