Nicknames for Christian Names

Nickname,  Christian Name(s)

Bell, Bella, Belle, Arabelle, Anabelle, Isabel, Isabella, Rosabel nametagbob

Bess, Bessie, Elizabeth

Beth, Elizabeth

Betsy, Betty, Elizabeth

Bitsy, Elizabeth

Bob, Bobby, Robert

Cindy, Cinthia, Cynthia, Lucinda

Daisy, Margaret

Delia, Adelia, Adele, Cordelia

Dick, Richard

Dobbin, Robert

Dode, Dody, Dorothy, Theodore, Theodorick

Dora, Dorothy, Eudora, Theodora

Ed, Eddie, Eddy, Edgar, Edmund, Edward, Edwin, Edwina

Effie, Effy, Euphemia

Eliza, Elizabeth

Greta, Margaret, Margaretha

Ella, Ellie, Eleanor, Elenora

Fannie, Fanny, Frances

Frankie, Frances (female), Francis (male), Franklin

Genie, Eugenia

Hal, Harold, Henry

Hank, Henry

Harry, Henry

Hattie, Harriet(t)

Hettie, Esther, Henrietta, Hester

Jack, Jackie, John

Jamie, James, Jameson

Jenny, Jane, Janet, Jeanette, Jennett, Virginia

Jim, Jimmy, James

Jock, John

John, Johnnie, Johnny, John

Kate, Katie, Katy, Katherine

Kathie, Katherine

Kit, Kitty, Katherine

Kay, Katherine

Lena, Angelina, Helena, Magdalena, Paulina, Selena, et al

Lettie, Letitia

Libby, Elizabeth

Lina, Angelina, Helena, Magdalena, Paulina, Selena, et al

Lisa, Lise, Elizabeth

Liz, Lizzie, Elizabeth

Lucy, Lucinda

Madge, Margaret

Maggie, Margaret

Maisie, Margaret, Mary

Mamie, Mary

Marty, Martie, Martha

Mattie, Martha

May, Mary

Midge, Margaret

Meg, Megan, Margaret

Meta, Margaret

Millie, Milly, Amelia, Mildred

Moll, Mollie, Molly Mary

Nell, Nellie, Nelly, Eleanor, Elenora, Ellen, Helen

Nora, Elenore, Elenora, Honora, Honoria

Ollie, Olive, Olivia, Oliver

Patsy, Patty Patricia, Patience, Martha

Peg, Peggy, Margaret

Penny, Penelope

Polly, Mary

Rich, Richy, Richard

Rob, Robbie, Robby, Robert

Robin, Robert

Sadie, Sarah

Sallie, Sally, Sarah

Sammy, Samuel, Samson, Samantha

Sukie, Suchie, Suchy, Susan, Susanna, Susannah]

Tad, Theodore, Theodorick

Ted, Teddy, Edward

Theo, Theodore, Theodorick

Tilly, Temperance

Tillie, Matilda, Mathilda

Tina, Christina

Trina, Catharine

Vicy, Levisa

Winnie, Winefred, Winifred (both male and female)

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