The Family Fabric

From a family newsletter written by Lee Drew in 2001

Events occurring in the past few years have not been atypical for a large familyfamily_wallhanging like ours. Everyone has difficulties of some type from time to time with differing levels of severity. Our family has lost members to death, others have lost the love of their marriage, and some have lost confidence in their own abilities. Others of us have found weaknesses we either didn’t want to recognize or acknowledge in our own structure. Continued daily survival lives with the person affected, but the family unit is responsible to band together and provide the support, and love needed by the afflicted member. The strength of a country, a nation and even many nations is comprised of the strength of the families in them.

We’ve witnessed the strength of our own family group over the years. Regardless of sibling, parent/child, and other relative issues, mature families are the cohesive group that truly keeps society functioning. Each member must be a contributor of his or her talent, time, financial assistance or listening ear. Without this family organization, society as we know it would rapidly cease to exist regardless of what the social scientists or masters of the psychological sciences would tell us.

Our family bands together well when there are crises in the group. In events of lesser stature, our effectiveness level isn’t always 100%, but at times we are exceptional. It is easy to be diverted by our STUFF rather than paying attention to things that really matter but on the whole, we do well as a family. When I think of whom I can call when I really have a problem, a family member comes to mind. After all, they are the ones who have a vested interest in me. We are family! They may be the next to need the strength of the fabric of our family.

The fabric of family is comprised of love, caring and sharing of strength. Individually, most of the strands aren’t overly strong, but the weavers turn them into a fabric of great strength and resilience. As the fabric grows it actually takes on a life. It acquires a personality. It is tangible. It can be stretched beyond normal bounds. Indeed, if makers continue to add their own threads, it is incredibly resilient and strong.

The family fabric exhibits a unique pattern that reflects the color of the personality of each contributing thread. The fabric is always beautiful but at times its luster is spectacular. It is a living thing, but for all its strength, it must be constantly maintained and repaired. Without continued maintenance and new strands, fabric weakens and will fail under pressure.

It stretches and merges with other family fabrics as new families begin, but it never looses the character of its creators. The fabric woven today creates the underlying integrity of future growth. Its weave is a symphony of the actions and events of earlier weavers and is never lost. If we look close, the faces in the weave look much like our own. The reflected events seem to be strikingly reminiscent of our own pains and sorrows, joys and happiness.

The fabric is a treasure. It contains embedded love, memories, and principles from its creators. In fact, it only exists because of the love of its creators. They continue to live on in its strength and beauty. So put your finger on the fabric. See the strands that you are creating and weaving into the fabric of the family? Trace other strands back through time. See how they touch your ancestors and history? Observe the beauty and strength of the pattern of each individual weaver. Now, look up, do you see who holds the beginning of the fabric? It is our Heavenly Father, our Creator.

Suddenly the viewer becomes aware of the truth. The ancient weavers are a part of us. They planted the seed of our own fabric and it is imbued with the love and actions of those who created it. It is immortal. Its weave contains links of all generations. Even if forgotten temporarily, they exist and will exist forever. Therein lies the secret of the fabric. The weave and pattern denote a Royal lineage. Treat it as such. Its pattern is made of millions of strands created and woven by individual members of a family through many generations It extends to its original creator, the Father of all family weavers; God, the Father of us all. So, increase its size and strength with your own good works and tender weaving until the pattern is like that worn by Father of us all.

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