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MD I:89

The following table sets out the important first events for the Pilgrims. Dates are in "new style."


August 15. Sailed from Southampton, England. 1620

September 16. Sailed from Plymouth, England. 1620

November 16. William Butten died at sea. 1620

November 19. First sighted Cape Cod. 1620

November 21. Signed "The Compact." Anchored in Cape Cod Harbor and went ashore. 1620

November 23. Took the shallop ashore for repairs. 1620

November 25. First exploring party set out by land. 1620

November 26. Discovered Truro Springs, Pamet River, Cornhill 1620

December 7. Second exploring party set out with the shallop. 1620

December 12. Found the wigwams, graves, etc. 1620

December 14. Edward Thomson died. The first death after reaching Cape Cod. 1620

December 16. Third exploring party set out with the shallop. Jasper More died. 1620

December 17. Dorothy (May) Bradford died. 1620

December 18. James Chilton died. First encounter with the Indians. Reached Clark’s Island at night. 1622

Sat. Dec. 19 spent on Clark’s Island

December 20. Third exploring party spent the Sabbath on Clark’s Island. 1620

December 21. FOREFATHERS DAY. Third exploring party landed on Plymouth Rock, and explored the coast. 1620

December 25. The Mayflower set sail from Cape Cod for Plymouth, but was driven back by a change in the wind. 1620

December 26. The Mayflower arrived at Plymouth Harbor. 1620

December 27. First Sabbath passed by the whole company in Plymouth Harbor. 1620

December 28. A party landed and explored by land. 1620

December 29. One party explored by land, and another in the shallop. Discovered Jones River. 1620

December 30. Decided to settle near what is now Burial Hill. 1620

December 31. Richard Britteridge died. The first death after reaching Plymouth. 1620


January 2. Began to gather materials for building. 1621

January 3 . Solomon Prower died. 1621

January 7. Divided the company into nineteen families and laid out lots. 1621

January 11. Degory Priest died. 1621

January 14. Myles Standish with a party discovered wigwams, but saw no Indians. 1621

January 18. Christopher Martin died. 1621

January 22. Peter Brown and John Goodman lost themselves in the woods. 1621

January 24. The thatch on the commonhouse burned. 1621

January 29. Began to build their storehouse. 1621

January 31. Kept their meeting on land. 1621

February 8. Rose Standish died. 1621

February 19. The house for the sick people caught fire. 1621

February 26. Indians carried off tools left in the woods by Myles Standish and Francis Cooke. 1621

February 27. Had a meeting to establish military orders, and chose Myles Standish Captain. 1621

March 3. Got the great guns mounted on the hill. William White, William Mullins, and two others died. 1621

March 7. Mary (Norris) Allerton died. 1621

March 17. Sowed some garden seeds. 1621

March 26. Had another meeting about military orders, but were interrupted by the coming of Samoset. 1621

March 28. Samoset came again, with five others. 1621

March 31. Another meeting about laws and orders, interrupted by coming of Indians. The carpenter fitted the shallop "to fetch all from aboord." 1621

April 1. Another meeting for public business, interrupted by the coming of Samoset and Squanto to announce Massasoit, with whom a treaty was made. 1621

April 2. The laws and orders concluded. John Carver chosen Governor for the ensuing year. 1621

April 3. Elizabeth (Barker) Winslow, wife of Edward Winslow, died. 1621

April 12. Governor Carver certified a copy of the will of William Mullins, which was carried back to England on the Mayflower. 1621

May 22. Edward Winslow and Susanna (Fuller) White married. The first marriage in the colony. 1621

July 12. Stephen Hopkins and Edward Winslow set out to visit Massasoit. 1621

July 13. They reached Sowams, and were welcomed by Massasoit. 1621

August 24. Captain Standish set out for Namasket, with a party of armed men, to revenge the supposed death of Squanto. 1621

September 28. Captain Standish set out with nine men, and Squanto and three other Indians, to visit the Massachusetts. 1621

September 30. Landed at Squantum, in Quincy. 1621

November 20. The Fortune arrived. 1621

December 23. The Fortune set sail on her return to England. 1621

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