Genealogy Charting with Timeline Maker

I wrote a post about the use of Progeny Software’s Timeline Maker software to make genealogy charts, but filed it when I saw the current price of the application.

I don’t remember how much I paid for the program a few years ago, but it was less than the current price of $195.  The customer focus for the software has moved away from genealogists to Police, Attorneys and Project Managers.

However, I continue to receive requests asking how I made the timeline charts I use in classes and on my websites, so here is an abbreviated posting about Timeline Maker.

The tool is great for visually telling the story of people and events through time.

This is a chart I made for one of my great grandfathers.  Total time to build was less than 15 minutes.  Click on the images to see them in full size.

It took that long because I didn’t open my database to view the dates related to his life on my 2nd monitor but rather cycled between applications using only one monitor.  In other words, even adding the extra mouse clicks and memory issues associated with my ‘wet wear’ as I went back and forth between programs, Timeline Maker was fast and easy to use.

The chart below of another great grandfather took 25 minutes to create mainly due to the number of elements that I added to it.  I did use two monitors during its creation so I wouldn’t have to cycle between programs so often.

The charts add to the presentation of information about your family on your websites.  As an example, here’s a one of the charts included in the record for yet another of my great grandfathers, David Lewis Drew.

Next below is a chart for my wife’s great grandfather, Joseph Harris Merrill that I created for inclusion in the book that one of his great granddaughters wrote about him.  The colors chosen worked best in the publication.  I added many event points about his life to more completely tell his story.

If you are interested in creating similar charts or other timeline related charts for use in your genealogy and other publications, download the demo version of Timeline Maker and see if it meets your needs.

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