Yes, We Are All Related

Think you’re related?

If we allow 33-1/2 years for a generation, 15 generations take us back to 1400, and you would have 32, 768 ancestors in that generation.

Go back 12 more generations, or another 400 years and you would have 67,108,834 ancestors in the 27th generation.

Go back to the Norman conquest of England, the population was about 1.7 million people and if you are of English or Scots ancestry, you are descended through a number of these different lines. The mathematical probability is that you are descended 40 different ways from every person living in Great Britain.

If you are of Irish ancestry, there were 350,000 persons at that time, and you are probably descended from every person living in Ireland, at that time, through 200 different lines from each one.

First one to work up the charts wins!

Generations article reference here

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