I Don’t Think the Lord Cares What Charley Wears

Charles D. Green was a soldier in the United States Army under Colonel Albert24 Sidney Johnston. When the soldiers were disbanded at Camp Floyd, Charles and three other men, Joseph B. Forbes, Frank Halsey and Jack Houston remained in Utah making their way to American Fork in search of work.

Charles worked on the farms and in the canyons. He had no home or relatives in Utah so my great grandparents, Charles and Rosa Logie, took him into their home.

Before Charley could earn enough money to buy a coat, he used to wear Grandmother’s paisley shawl around his shoulders. When he went to a church meeting he would say, "I don’t think the Lord cares what I wear, just so Charley gets there."

Charlie Green still lived next door to the Logie’s in the 1900 Census in American Fork, Utah.  He died in Eureka, Utah on 16 Feb 1905 and was buried in the American Fork City Cemetery, American Fork, Utah.

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