Parish Locator in English Genealogy Research

After spending the last few days helping folks in their genealogy research, I’m reminded that I haven’t written about the Parish Locator program for years.

If you are working on genealogical research in England, do yourself a favor and install the free Parish Locator program on your system.

As we all know, the names of parishes in England are not typically named that same as the town / village / city where they are located.  Without the parish name, a search through the Family History Library Catalog for church records microfilm numbers usually turns up no results.

Parish Locator will not only give you the name of the parishes but it will also show all of the surrounding parishes in concentric circles from the point you designate.

With the parish names provided by Parish Locator, you can now find and search the records of surrounding parishes.

Parish locator helps you track your family when you find their records in successive parishes.  Did they start inland and then move toward a large city or toward a port city?  It becomes easy to see their migratory path as they moved across the country.  Using the point to point calculator, you can evaluate the possibilities of grandpa John traveling 25 miles to find, court and marry grandma Elizabeth in 1810 ….. or was your supposition a bit of a stretch?

You’ll want to take a few minutes to explore the interface of Parish Locator to see all of the features.  Some of the tools are not immediately intuitive but after you’ve made a couple of practice searches, the steps in the various searches will quickly be evident.

Give Parish Locator a try.  You’ll undoubted find it to be a most welcome tool in your genealogy research quiver.

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