Family Stories in Old Newspapers

I frequently spend time searching through old newspapers for mentions of my ancestral surnames using sites such as the Library of Congress Chronicling America Project.

At times, the articles offer fascinating insights into the lives of those who lived long ago.  Unfortunately, most of the more extensive articles are reports of trouble, strife or misdeeds.   I’m happy to find the information, but wish that the stories all represented happiness and success in lives and not so much grief. 

Of course, without the grief, the majority of the articles wouldn’t exist and hence, I wouldn’t have found these windows back in time.

Featherstone Adelaide - Fortune Seeker - 27 Nov 1894


Featherstone - Dynamite conspiracy 28 Aug 1883


Featherstone - Carmondy murder 16 Apr 1883


Featherstone - Carmondy dynomite 24 Apr 1883


Featherstone - gold arrest

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