Old Photos ~ Found ~ How To Label?

My mother collected old photos of folks in her hometown.  Frequently, only she knew the names of the people in the images.  Often, however, she wrote their names and other information on the photos themselves with ballpoint pens. 

From time to time, I find one of the photos tucked inside a book, folder or other less visited file in her old genealogy cabinet.  When possible, I print her noted information on a label via a laser printer and add it to the back of the photo. 

Some of you will say that I’m further desecrating these old images.  Others will be happy that I’ve attached the photo information with ink that won’t run or deteriorate very much with time.

Let me know your photo labeling solution or methods and why it is better than my laser printed labels.

Here’s a recent discovery:


Pulley home American Fork Utah name list

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