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Many of the people in my genealogy circles are thinking about  creating onlineRobles Family Tree genealogy publications.  Quite a few of them has some publishing software experience.  Only a handful of them have ever created a full digital document or webpage from scratch.

They’ve asked me how to write code to create a publication that they will be proud to claim after it is released to the public.

In most cases, they already have most of the software tools they need on their computers in the form of installed office suites or online with Google, Aviary and others.  Additionally, because they are using the templates for their WordPress or Blogger sites, the need for  in-depth coding is minimal.

Granted it takes time to find the template you want to use but most template allow users to create very nice publications with little effort.  

Once my friends use these templates they agree that they are already qualified to post text and photos online.   The question then arises, “How do I create and post a “Great” document or publication online?

The process still involves the software tools they use regularly but turning their files into professional looking publications takes a little more effort.  Or does it?

Most of us anxiously await the next issue of “Shades of the Departed” by the footnoteMAVEN and her friends.  Not only are the articles well-written, the presentation is excellent.  I always recommend the publications there to anyone who is considering their own online publication.

Shades and many other great publications use the tools and hosting / posting space of with good reason.  Their published results make even a marginal design look good.

An excellent example of a great genealogy publication on Issuu is “7 generations of descendants of Francisco & Rita Luna Robles” by Susan Valerio Long. [below]   Not only does it look great thanks to Issuu, but Susan’s design and content are excellent.  In this example, 1 + 1 = 4 is a correct result.. 

If you are considering publishing a family descendany report, be sure to review Susan’s work.  I’ll bet she receives standing applauds at family reunions for her work.  Additionally, she has created wonderful family history related videos for her Robles website.

Enjoy Susan’s work and then create your own presentations while the many design possibilities that have flooded through your mind while reading are fresh.

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