Tombstone of Little Annie Francis

Little Annie Mathilda Francis arrived in the home of her parents, Lemuel Drestin and Magdelene Matilda Pehrson Francis on 13 Mar 1906.  Her parents loved the little lass and even though they were poor in the ways of the world their home was rich with happiness and the aroma of freshly baked bread.

Unfortunately, the joy of seeing Annie’s smiling face was very short.  She died six weeks after she was born in 26 April 1906. 

Even though her parents spent more than they had at ready disposal on her tombstone, its construction was not of the finest stone, but was rather of a mixture of concrete and rebar.  The years have taken a toll on the soft materials of the marker.  Today the rebar is exposed as the surface layers have slowly sloughed off into small piles of sand. 

Rest well little Annie.  Rest well.  Your maker is now on the Internet and nothing is ever forgotten that is posted here.

Annie’s grave can be visited in the American Fork Cemetery in Utah.

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