Using Hakia in Genealogy Searches

Most of us spend our online genealogy search time using Google or Bing.  They arehakia_logo great, but they aren’t the only search engine that genealogists should consider.

I’ve been using hakia for some time as an added tool in my research quiver.  It frequently provides search results that aren’t in my Google and Bing search results.

I like it because it combines numerous search weightings and results on the same results page.   The separate results sections are:

  • Web
  • Credible
  • New
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Other topics headers that I see but promptly forget their names.

The hakia results seems to look in a different window in the online data world.  Search results frequently list links that I never find using the other search engines.

Hakia explains why their Semantic Search is different on their “What is Semantic Search? page.  While you are reading the information on this page be sure to click on the Technology Overview link before you go back to searching.  The tools and logic used may be unique in your understanding of how search tools work.

When you give hakia a try, don’t include the familiar quotes “” "” that you always add to your other searchers.  Just use the name, location, name / location, etc.

Hakia won’t be the only search tool in your inventory, but you will use it once you’ve tried it. 

\We all need another useful tool in our genealogy quest.

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