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I’ve spent far too many hours exploring the features and 3D images on the Nokia 3D Maps site n the past month.  It is unlike any maps / satellite photos site you’ve used.

When Nokia added 3D to the page name, it was for good reason.  The images really are presented in 3D and the viewing experience is captivating.

I’ll state right up front that although I’m writing this article with a genealogy emphasis, you, like I, will fall into the 3D images on your screen. A lot of time will pass before you come to your senses and search for the homes or addresses of your ancestors.  Don’t fight it.  Enjoy the experience.

Nokia Maps 3D is in Beta release.  The site requires the installation of a plugin to see all of its HTML 5 based goodness. 

Currently, only 23 cities are on the site and you can’t search for other locations around the world, but if your ancestors lived in one of those cities, your day will be made as you swoop around their home and neighborhood.

You can’t search for street addresses on the site.  It only shows images, but oh what images. 

When you enter the street view, you’ll have to wait for the images to load.  This is a Beta site of a tool that may not go into production, but the wait will be worth it when you see the clarity of the scenes.

With the Microsoft purchase of Nokia, I don’t know what the future holds for the Nokia Maps site, but for now its magic will delight you.

Take it for a spin, click on a feature listed for any of the cities and sit back for the ride. If this is the future of online maps, I can’t wait for the future to arrive.

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