Creating 3D Genealogy Images With Photofly

Few genealogists have ever heard of the magic of Photofly by Autodesk.  That is a serious oversight in our ancestral quest.

We continually work to capture the faces, scenes, memorials and documents of our ancestors both for our own enjoyment and to pass on to our families and descendants.  

Unfortunately, our 2D documents and photos are very limited in selling their content to the minds of our audience.

A 3D image is always better than a flat presentation.  The added dimension of depth brings far more to the quality of the presentation than as just a third multiplier in the equation.  The story in 3D expresses the story with a cubed or greater value. 

Just how much better is the story you are trying to convey?  Suppose the bust of the person in the video below was your grandfather.  The 3D image is vastly superior to the snapshot in a genealogy file.

Photofly Bust Detail

The property, residences, farms, and favorite possessions of our parents and grandparents remembered from our youth have a depth that we can’t convey with words.   However, an afternoon of photo taking yields amazing photographic memories when they result in a 3D images.

Notre Dame Detail in Photofly
It isn’t hard to create these masterpieces.  Autodesk has given us a great photo taking tutorial in this video:
Taking photos to create a 3D Image in Photofly
Take a few more minutes and watch this video to get ideas for your 3D Photofly projects:
Photofly House Detail

Download and install the application, grab your camera and take photos for your first project.    (Did I mention that Photofly it is Free?)

Tell ancestral stories in 3D that will resonate in the minds of your family and those who come after you.   …. And you wondered what you could add to your Christmas genealogy gift this year to make it exciting…..

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