Death Records You Hope You Don’t Find

Typically, we love finding primary or secondary sources in our genealogy research.  Sometimes, however, the discovery of a death certificate brings pain to our quest. 

Death Certificates that list murder and suicide as the cause of death have been surprisingly frequent entries on death certificates in my own genealogy quest. 

Fortunately, the words have always been associated with the names of ‘distant’ cousins but even so, the families of my ‘distant’ cousins have suffered greatly because of them.

Recently, my research eye focused on a name that had a great ‘feature’ — A unique middle name that would help me sort through all of the George Delano records to find ‘my’ George.  

George Aquilla Delano was born in Pilot Grove, Daviess County, Missouri on 28 Aug 1873 to William Pelham and Martha Susanna Dulaney Delano.  He married Ella Agnes McNamara in 1897.  They had a wonderful family of five children and life for the family was great.

Unfortunately, George was murdered in a robbery when he was shot in the restaurant he managed in Saint Louis, Missouri.  His death certificate records his cause of death as hemorrhage due to a gunshot wound to the abdomen in a homicide.

The young father was dead.   His family suffered the lass of the father and wage earner and then the situation became worse.

On the day of George’s burial, his baby son, John Hamlin Delano, died at the age of 14 months.

How his wife Ella successfully handled the loss of her husband and baby in such circumstances is hard to imagine, but she did.  She successfully raised the surviving children, lived a full life and died at the age of seventy one.

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