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I like to see women dressed beautifully just like any other bloke, but when I’m working on family genealogy, I often wonder how far my taste in fashion has mutated from that of my male ancestors.

Why did persons of the female persuasion dress with such abandon from sanity?

The ladies tell me it was all because of the men!  They say that the men in that day liked the fashion statements made by dresses like the one worn by my distant cousin, Mary Corum Rodden Warfield.. 

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Really?   Would Mary have listened to any man telling her to either accentuate or actually elongate her neck and then wrap it in scratchy lace with a tourniquet?  No, I think that her dress was at least 60% self-inflicted.

I’m told that I have no fashion taste, that I missed that part when they were issuing that cluster of bits at the parts counter.  That may be well and true, but thank goodness for it.  The goofy fingernail polish I see on the hands of the lovely ladies in my family is enough to make me cringe.  If they were to all come together dressed in a costume like Mary’s, could my poor heart stand it? 

Probably not or perhaps it would be the fuse in my mind that blew before the ticker in my chest expired.  Either way, thank goodness for the normal fashion my ladies wear today.  Even the Native American styling that my wife enjoys from time to time with its busy prints and flashing jewelry pale in comparison to the ornately styled dresses I’ve seen in photos of my grandmothers in their regal splendor. 

My wife has is right.  Comfortable style – not bondage by satin, lace and starch.  And fortunately, I’m more than an arms length away from my female ancestors thus their wise-up slaps on my heard have less sting than one closer at hand.

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