Recording Family History With A Flair

Recording family history events can result in a record of boredom full of dates, sterile facts and stories without context.

Three brothers and their friends on our area have found a way to record stories told by their children in a hilarious manner. 

I suppose their original goal was to just have fun with their children and families but they may have hit on one of the best ways I’ve seen to make family history stories not only interesting but highly desired by their audience.

Witness the genius of Kid History in the episodes below.  If you don’t laugh, you need to take a break from your stress filed life.  Wouldn’t you love to have your own family make videos like these to capture the personalities and events in their lives\?

Kid History–Episode 1


Kid History–Episode 2


Kid History–Episode 3


Kid History–Episode 4


Kid History–Episode 5


Kid History–Premiere for Family and Friends


Kid History–Candy


Now you’ve seen how its done, how many of you will create great family videos that your family and fiends will want to watch? 

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