Using IrfanView with Genealogy Images

I’ve used IrfanView to edit my genealogy images for years.  It is fast, easy to use and uses relatively few computing resources. 

Irfanview is great when you want to quickly snag a screen shot and then massage it to fit in your genealogy document or blog post.   Simply hit the ‘Print Screen’ button on your keyboard then Edit > Paste in Irfanview and the image is ready to crop, tag and tweak.

Irfanview is free.  Be sure to also install the Plugin file.

Many Irfanview users fail to use some of its tools that could resolve many of their imaging issues like resizing a large group of images, creating panorama scenes and image ‘book’ type files.

Create Multipage PDF files

I have many military pension files, land ownership, probate and other images for people in my genealogy database.  Sometimes there are so many in a category, it is impractical to post them as a long series of images on my genealogy site or to send to other researchers. 

Irfanview has a tool to resolve this issue.  I simply point to the folder that contains the group of images then choose Options > Multipage images > Create Multipage PDF and a .pdf file containing all of them is instantly created.

I’ve noticed that there is about a 18% overhead in the resultant file size.  The most recent file I created was158 MB based on the original 130 MB.size of the images in it.

However, it is usually a lot easier to drop the single file in my Drop BoxSkyDrive, Amazon or any other Cloud Storage app than to upload dozens of images and hope that those I’ve shared them with download them all.

Image Tweaks in Batches

I love all of the genealogy images that are now online on sites like FamilySearch.  When I find documents that relate to my ancestors, I save them for supporting documentation.  They are frequently large files sizes.  Too large to include in my documents or on my website.  With Irfanview you can quickly resize them smaller or create a second smaller file size set.

Simply choose File > Batch Conversion/Rename

Then click on the Advanced button to set the resizing or other changes you want and click OK or save the settings file for future use.

Then add the images that you want to include in the batch.  I usually create a subfolder and point  Irfanview to it as the destination for the resized or tweaked images.

Click on the Start Batch button and within seconds you’ll have a new set of images that have been tweaked to your specifications.  

We all have batches of images that we’d like to tweak but usually hesitate to take the time to tweak each of them manually.   Irfanivew resolves that problem. 

Irfanview also has a tool to stitch images together to create panoramic views and the plugins offer many other features such as OCR and the above PDF books.

Give it a try.  You’ll be happy with the results and ease of use of this great tool.

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