Tech Tips on FamilySearch are Excellent

Do you know a little about technology?  Does that make you the resident techno wiz?  It seems like it at times doesn’t it?  Even if you aren’t really all that techno savvy, sharing a little knowledge with others who really need your help will always be greeted appreciation for your assistance.

Many genealogists fall in the ‘technology or computer challenged’ category.  Their research and records are heavily dependent on their computers and if they can’t find a good soul who is willing to spend a little time to help them with their technology questions, they are in trouble.

Fortunately for them and for all of us, FamilySearch has addressed this problem with a section on their site called “Tech Tips”. 

Tech Tips is full of how-to articles about the very issues that most genealogists encounter or will encounter in their ancestral quest.   The articles are written by very knowledgeable volunteers, missionaries and real computer whizzes who are also genealogy researchers.   They understand the hardware and software used in genealogy because they use it too.  That perspective focuses the content and readability of their articles to a perfect fit for all of the genealogy community..

Not only do we get some fairly detailed ‘how to’ answers in the articles but they are also full of information that we didn’t’ even realize we that wanted to know. 

The articles are masterfully written.  There is something in them for all of us, even if we already hold many computer and technology certifications. 

This is good stuff folks.  Do yourself a favor and spend a little time browsing through the titles.  I use the term ‘little’ in jest because I know you can’t read ‘just one’ of the articles.  You’ll enjoy many hours reading the Tech Tips Library articles.

Yes, they really are that good.


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