Johnny D. Parks ~ Bluffton, TX ~ Found

Many people contacted me about my posting about the newly exposed grave of Johnny D. Parks which was submersed under Lake Buchanan until the current Texas drought.success

In my earlier post, I sent out a call for volunteers to inventory the cemetery where Johnny was buried and the cemetery under the Navarro County Reservoir. 

The response to my Call for Genealogy Volunteers was amazing!  The genealogy community responded with both interest in the once submersed cemeteries and in those who are buried there and forgotten.

Some of volunteers are going to inventory the graves in the cemeteries, photograph them and any surviving tombstones in them.  They will post the resultant photos and data on Find-a-grave and other publicly available genealogy sites so the information isn’t lost again as the lakes fill in future months..

Some commented that they almost felt that they were being driven to find these lost graves.  Others are simply exhibiting their wonderful genealogy volunteerism personalities.

The current news is that Johnny D. Parks has been found in records on and on New as well as other sites.  Volunteers have added appropriate links for his record to those of his parents and siblings so future researchers will be able to find them as a family unit.

The names of others buried in these submersed cemeteries will be posted as soon as the inventories are completed.  No doubt they and other volunteers will work to link their respective families together on the public sites as well.

Big jobs are small when many hands address them.  Many minds solve problems through utilization of their collective skills

I’m already hearing comments of how this project has inspired, enthused and even helped in lives of the volunteers and interested readers..

This is how Pay-It-Forward works folks.  The good you freely do almost always comes back to you magnified. 

Do want to enjoy even more of these magnificent returns?  Then volunteer more.  Stock your Pay-it-Forward shelves with acts of Genealogy Kindness and unbidden good deeds.

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