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Tracing ancestors in Scotland who didn’t belong to the predominant religion isn’t easy most of the time.

I looked for several of my lineal Scots families for years with little success.  I knew where they were from based on military and immigration documents but other than the name of a town where they once lived, no trace of them ever surfaced.

Fortunately, FamilySearch Wiki was created and I looked on it for an article that may help in my quest.  

There it was: Scotland Church Records Union Lists – an article that gave me the clue needed to crumble the brick wall.  

They were Scottish Episcopalians.  The wiki article noted that the group had “suffered greatly due to the Penal Acts.” 

That suffering carried over to the church records that included the names and dates associated with my ancestors. The clues in the article were enough to help me find them which in my book was almost a miracle after decades of research.

Have you looked through the Wiki on FamilySearch for help on your own brick walls?  It is full of very helpful articles and should be included in the quiver of all genealogists.

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