Accidental Death of Lawrence Featherstone

My cousin, Lawrence Snow Featherstone lost his life at the tender age of seven through no fault of his own.

Early on a summer morning in 1930, Lawrence went with family friend, S. N. Westerfield on his milk truck route.  Riding in a delivery truck with open doors and a cool interior was high adventure to a young man.  He undoubtedly begged his mother to let him go on such an adventurous ride.

Unfortunately, just be fore the end of the route, the milk truck was struck from behind by a vehicle driven by Carl H. Isenhart of Kemmerer, Wyoming.  Lawrence was thrown from the truck and was crushed under it as it overturned.

Isenhart was in town with his family on vacation.  It is hard to imagine the devastation the accident brought to both families.  One family lost a young son, the other found not only the guilt from the accident but felony charges from the police.

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