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A few years ago I found that my ancestor, Henry Friedlander,  was a German Jew that had married aNurembergsynagoguec_Germany beautiful young lady from France.  I expected to encounter problems in researching his line and that has proven to be the case.

Two years ago, I found a record that shows he was born in Germany.  Based on his age at death, he was born in about 1813.  How can I find Jewish records that far back in time in Germany?

This isn’t a simple question as I don’t know where he was born in Germany.  Apparently he was a jeweler by trade, sot that may be a useful clue in finding his records.

He died on the Isle of Guernsey in about 1843.  The church records in Guernsey that I’ve reviewed on film and by a church leader on site, have not shown a death record for my Jewish ancestor.  That isn’t surprising as we wasn’t a member of the churches there in Saint Peter Port.  I know from other records that his wife and children left Guernsey for England, with grandma being listed as a widow.

Grandma Eliza Sampson Friedlander was born in Verdun, France, which is fairly close to the German border.  Her parents ancestry is French and they lived in Verdun for many hundreds of years. 

Did grandpa meet her on a trip associated with his occupation or was it a series of meetings in her father’s restaurant and bar as he traveled through the area?  We don’t know.

Fortunately, there are some good research aids on the FamilySearch Wiki titled “German Jewish Records.

I’m spending time reviewing the information in the wiki article as part of particular ancestral quest.  It is very helpful and has already pointed me to various records and websites that I may not have found otherwise, in addition to all of the extremely useful information in the article itself.

I’ve often written about the FamilySearch Wiki, hoping that other researchers who aren’t aware of this extremely useful tool with visit the site and find as much helpful information, links and detail as I have found.  The articles are written by volunteers like you and I who happen to have knowledge about specific tools and topics in genealogical research.

If you haven’t visited the site before or have revisited to look for new articles, do yourself a favor and visit it today by clicking on this link: https://www.familysearch.org/learn/wiki/en/Main_Page

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