Vital Records of Abington, Massachusetts


The process of researching our ancestors is a lot of fun until we find that we’ve followed an ancestral trail down a rabbit hole because the excitement of the chase didn’t include valid sources.

I’ve been working with a cousin recently on our common ancestry and led him astray because I left a link in my database to an unproven lineage. 

I knew the data was wrong but left the link in place so it was easier to find it again while I looked for the correctly lineage.  I forgot that he wasn’t on the ‘same page’ in his mind knowing that the lineage was not proven and possibly wrong, even though my notes stated it.

The error has been corrected, new reports have been generated with the link removed.  All is well again.  

As part of the collaborative research process, having the same source books in our respective homes has been great, even though we live a long distance from each other.

No, we don’t both own a copy of all of the books in the Massachusetts Vital Records “Tan” Books series, but we do have them in our respective Google Books libraries.

When I look at the book shelves in my office and try to calculate all of the money I’ve spent on hardcopy vital records books over the years, I appreciate Google Books even more.  I don’t even have to get up and shuffle the books around in my bookcases to get to the correct ‘layer’ to select the book.  I just launch it onscreen and work away.

The Abington, Massachusetts Vital Records book has been a close friend today..  Let me introduce you to Abby and her sister:    Thanks Google!

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