Churchill Pedigree Upset

in 1912, Wharton Dickinson upset many Churchill descendants in America when he pointed out a fallacy in the lineage of John Churchill who immigrated to Plymouth, Massachusetts in the mid-1600’s. 

Mr. Dickinson’s letter to the New York Times is shown below.  We all encounter problems in our ancestral research similar to this.  Most of the time, the errors were not of malicious forethought but rather an error in vetting source materials when claiming hoped for lineal connections. 

The moral and truth of this story is that genealogical research is hard work, especially when it extends into the 1600’s and earlier.  In most cases, our ancestral families were not sufficiently prominent to have warranted the creation of records that conclusively prove their existence.

However, even knowing that fact to be truth, we never seem to fully abandon the search.because of the joy we feel when we do find and prove our early ancestors.

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