Genealogy ~ From Gel Cell Printing to Digital Documents

I suppose it is sad that I can remember making copies using gel cells because our little town didn’t have any carbon paper.  Now, we growl if the toner runs low in our color laser printers. 

We live in a great time.  We can do genealogy research around the world while sitting in our PJ’s and talking “face-to-face” with cousins on different continents at the same time.  What will the next ten or twenty years bring to help us in our genealogy quest?

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Family history research is a favored avenue of relaxation. It is a Sherlock-like activity that can continue almost anywhere at any time. By leveraging a lifetime involvement in technology, my research efforts have resulted in terabytes of ancestral data, earning me the moniker of Lineagekeeper. And yes - We are all related to Royalty.