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Genealogists constantly encounter Latin words in their research efforts.  Even seasoned researchers forget the English equivalent words from time-to-time.  Most of us have created ‘cheat sheet’ Latin to English conversion notes that we’ve made over the years.   They’ve become tattered, buried or lost but that isn’t a problem any longer.

An excellent Latin Genealogical World List article has been posted on the FamilySearch Research Wiki

You’ll want to book mark the wiki article in your genealogy tools folder. 

A search for Latin genealogy words on the wiki gives us a link to the article titled,”Latin Genealogical Word List


Let’s look at a few examples from the wiki article.



We encounter naming conventions in almost all languages.  Names in Latin are no different.  The article gives us a list of the conventions in Latin.



When reading any record, understanding the key genealogy words in the document, makes the data discovery and transcription easy.


Over the years, researchers from around the world have helped me understand the words used in their respective languages.  I’ve always appreciated their kindness.  The FamilySearch Research Wiki gives me far more extensive help than I could ever ask of a kind genealogy Samaritan as witnessed in the Genealogical Abbreviations list for Latin words.


The article continues with Latin to English dates, time, numbering information as well.


And if these lists aren’t enough, the article contains a lengthy list of words similarly converted to English in an alphabetical list.


Like any well-documented and written research tool, the Wiki article is replete with references and external links to other aids that complement or even expands the information in the article.

If you aren’t using the FamilySearch Research Wiki in your genealogy quest, you are missing one of the key tools that should be in all genealogy research quivers.

Take the Wiki for a spin today.

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