A Virtual RootsTech Conference Attendee

Attending the RootsTech 2012 conference on Thursday, Friday and today, Saturday, 3 Feb 2012 has dominated my daylight hours. I’ve visited with old friends, new friends, bloggers, genealogists and technology industry leaders much to my enjoyment and edification.

What other than the obvious social contacts makes this special?

I never left home.

Due to some scheduling issues, my attendance to the conference this year has been through the virtual extension of my life via the Internet.

The keynote and other presentations have been excellent. They covered many subjects that I know well, but still gained further knowledge about them from the presenters. Other subjects covered were less well known by my biological thinking machine but after listening to the presentations, I now have many resources to assist in further study about them.

Missing the face-to-face in-person interaction with other attendees and all of the other non-broadcast sessions, vendor products and industry booths is a real downside to us virtual conference attendees. Fortunately, the broadcast presentations are so good; we come away with a wealth of new ideas, deeper subject knowledge and enhanced research skills.

The conference has highlighted the rapid technological advancements taking place that are being harnessed both by and for family history researchers.

Cloud computing, Internet search tools and methods, personal website optimization, podcasts, broadcasts and collaboration via the web are all spotlighted in the 2012 conference. Updates to products that I have used and beta tested for years were introduced this week and almost all of them fit into the virtual world of online genealogy research.

In two years, RootsTech has become the premier genealogy conference for any researcher who has long used all of the traditional research resources but is also smart enough to embrace the vast array of digital research resources and opportunities available today.

If you missed the RootsTech this year, be sure to watch for registration news about RootsTech 2013 which will be held next March.

The live presentations from the 2012 conference were all recorded and will soon be posted on the RootsTech site, so we can all enjoy them for the first time or for the tenth.

We leave the 2012 conference with a debt of appreciation to the folks at FamilySearch and other conference supporters who brought the conference to us at home.

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