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I frequently visit old genealogy publications  for clues and data that I’ve missed in myGenealogy - A Weekly Jounal of American Ancestry own genealogy research.  A good example of these publications is the Genealogy – A weekly Journal of American Ancestry was first published 100 years ago.

I often wonder how many writers were on staff at the publication due to the amount of content in its weekly publication format.   It is hard to find, yet alone reliably write that amount of text in personal research that is familiar to the author, let alone finding it for diverse families topics.

Of course, many publications simply fed off the work of other publications with wholesale copying or slight modification, so perhaps at least some of the content in this journal was similarly obtained.

Regardless of its source, the content in the Journal is worth your time to explore for hints about your own ancestry.   Many of the volumes are available to view on Google Books.  If you have created your own Google Books Library and are seeking information on your early American ancestry, you may want to add the volumes to your own library for reference.  

Here are volumes 1 and 2 to view as examples of the content in this series.

Thanks Google Books!

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