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Genealogy Societies around the world are starting to discover the value of creating an article about their society on the FamilySearch Wiki.  As knowledge about the wealth of information about genealogy on the FamilySearch Wiki expands, researchers worldwide have included the site near the top of their research tools.

Do you belong to or lead a genealogy society?  Have you created an article about your society on the wiki?  If not, why not?

Traffic to your society will be driven both by the society article and by other references to it on other articles on the wiki.   In fact, an article page on the wiki is a must have for large societies already. 

A quick search on the wiki for the term “Genealogy Society” resulted in 8194 articles that represent or include mention of a genealogy society.


Let’s look at a few societies that are represented on the wiki by size of the society.

The Daughters of the American Revolution.  DAR is a very large society with their own excellent website, but they are also leveraging the immense traffic flow to the FamilySearch Wiki to inform its researchers about their society, its location, contact information, available resources, guides, tips and sources.


Another  large society with representation on the wiki is the Illinois State Genealogy Society.  Their article presents information about their organization, goals, resources and contact data.


The South Carolina Genealogy Society is well represented with information about their organization.


The Indiana Genealogy Society article tells visitors about their organization, its benefits, and the projects they are working on.


The Utah Jewish Genealogical Society is a smaller organization but they are well represented on the wiki which offers great exposure to the group that they may not find anywhere else.


The folks at FamilySearch encourage you to create and fully populate an article about your genealogy society.  The value of these organizations are recognized and encouraged by their support of society pages and references in wiki articles, FamilySearch project involvement and conferences.


Many societies have found the wisdom of adopting wiki articles that relate to their areas of interest.  Their society members and all researchers benefit from the content, organization and maintenance they do on the adopted pages.



When your society adopts a page or pages on the wiki, be sure to first go to the Help:Adopt-a-page article to read the adoption steps, expectations and how to create an adoption badge.


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