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Standard Finder is a little known resource on FamilySearch.  Genealogical researchers are constantly wondering if they are listing their data with the standard name, date and place format.  We want our naming conventions to either match the recognized standard or at least a close variation of it but how do we find those standards?

The Standard Finder solves our questions with a few clicks.  You’ll need to click on the images below to see the full screen captures from the Standard Finder site.  They contain too much information to be portrayed in snippets or reduced size.

Name Search

Enter a name to see all of the name variants.

FamilySearch Standard Finder - Names


Date Search

Enter a date to see possible date ranges, if it is ambiguous or even valid.

FamilySearch Standard Finder - Dates


Place Search

Enter a place name and receive the standard place name, time period, culture, Iso code, Geo code and identification number.

FamilySearch Standard Finder - Place


Preview search

Enter the city, town or location name and receive all the locations around the world with the same name.

FamilySearch Standard Finder - Location


Bookmark the Standard Finder page.  You’ll use it constantly in your genealogy quest.

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