Personal History Projects ~ Start Small

Genealogy researchers often hear about the need to write a personal history for themselves as well as histories of the lives of their ancestors and even groups of their ancestry.  The task can be overwhelming for many. 

Typically, the writer will create an outline and then start to populate the first bullet point only to realize how large the whole project may be by the time is is completed.  Many writers gasp when this revelation comes into focus and they quit the project.

Who has time to write a masterpiece?  Who is going to read it anyway?  After all it is focused on a fairly specific topic which may limit its reading audience.

There is a simple way though this self-induced roadblock.  Write your historical masterpiece in sections.  Tell the stories from their lives in standalone story form.  If you establish your goal for the overall presentation before you create the first story, you’ll remember to leave enough hooks and transitions in them to easily stitch them all together in a enjoyable, flowing tale.

To help you get started, select the topic of the first story from a family story close to your heart.  It will be easy to write and will help establish the fact that you can write and that you have created a cornerstone that anchors the full tale.

Hannah Joswig has created such a story from the lives of her family as they immigrated to America.  She chose to post it as a presentation on Prezi. 

Let’s enjoy the tale:

Click Play to view. Click on More > Full Screen and then use the customary play arrow to advance through the presentation. [Esc] to return.

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