Genealogy Research ~ Using Screen Capture for Chrome by Google

Genealogists constantly want images of records to document their data and to aid in their ancestral research.  There are many tools available to capture onscreen information ranging from a simple “Print Screen” key stroke to an online resource like Evernote.  However, we often want a local copy of an image for later use and we don’t always have access to our images in our Cloud Storage accounts.

If you too want local copies of captured onscreen images and use the Chrome browser, you’ll want to consider the “Screen Capture by Google” extension.  It simply works.  Find it in the Chrome store.

When you find a page of interest, click on the Image Capture icon to launch the application.  Choose from the various options.


When capturing a screen region, drag the tool to cover the area of interest, then click “OK” when you’ve framed the area of interest.


To add text to the screen cap, click on the Text tool. Other tools available are: Highlight, Redact and Line tools.


Mark up your image capture with text, boxes, lines, arrows, etc.


Click on the Share tool to post your image to an online service.


Save your image, copy it or print it using the associated command buttons.


The ease of use, intuitive design and lightweight code size make Screen Capture by Google a perfect fit for Chrome users.

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