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Genealogy researchers constantly find references to microfilms call numbers from the Family History Library that aren’t found in the current Family History Library Catalog

How can we easily find the film number under the new catalog numbering system?

The answer is simple.  Go to the FamilySearch Research Wiki and enter the search term: “Microfilm Number Conversion

My mothers old genealogy notes are full of the old film numbers.  She didn’t record the titles of the films let alone any of the source details. Proving her research based on the old film number only  was a chore until the conversion tables were published on microfiche at the Family History Library. The front end of that effort is now completed at home via the FamilySearch Research Wiki.

Before I go the the library, I print the film number information from the Family History Library Catalog and use the back side of the paper for the start of my notes.  That method assures that my notes are sourced with my detail notes written as exact extracts.

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Scroll down through the results to find the wiki article that pertains to he film numbers found in old research notes.   Click on the appropriate article and read the conversion table numbers for the current associated film number.

FamilySearch Wiki - microfilm conversion tables


You’ll find references to these old numbers as you continue your own genealogy research if you haven’t encountered them already.  Remember to check the FamilySearch Research Wiki for the quick and easy conversion solution.

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