1940 U.S. Census ~ 7 Days and Counting

1940censusUnless you’ve been in a location without any connections to the outside world, you’ve heard that the 1940 U.S. Census will be released on 2 Apr 2012.

What does that mean?  it means that almost everyone in the United States will be able to find the names of their parents or grandparents in these census records.

Unless that massive record is indexed though, few of us will have the patience to page through the millions of pages to find our family.

What is the solution to that problem?   It is simple and with your help will be quickly addressed.  Join in as a volunteer indexer.  It is amazing how many names each of us can index during the small snippets of normally wasted time in our daily lives.

We all know that many ands make light work and that is especially true in this case.

Visit the 1940 Census Project pageDownload the indexing tool to your Android, iOS phones and devices and to your laptops and home workstations today.

You’ll be astounded how many names you can index in a week and how good you’ll feel about participating in a project that has so much value to so many people.

The countdown is underway ……  7 Days and counting….

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