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The long awaited release of the 1940 U.S. Census by the National Archives and Records Administration occurred this morning2 April 2012

In hard copy, the full census is almost one-half mile thick, so until it is indexed by volunteers like you and I, finding our ancestors in it will seem to be impossible.

Almost everyone in America has ancestors or family members in that census.  You want to see the records of your ancestors as much as I want to see mine.

Join in and help index these records on FamilySearch Indexing. 

Since the indexing began at FamilySearch a few years ago, 750,000,000 records have been indexed in the project.  That is a huge number but compared to the total number of records that need to be indexed, it barely makes a mark on the bottom of the graph. 

We need you.  We need your help to index all of the records in the granite vaults.  These records cover all of the world.  We need you today.  It is easy.  Your time isn’t wasted.  Your activity counts and isn’t lost to idle time wasting activities.

What is indexing?  This infographic from FamilySearch Indexing helps explain it.


Sign up to help index today.  Install the indexing tool on your home computers, laptops, Android and iOS devices.  The indexing tool for your portable devices is found in the Android and Apple stores online.

Archives.com has released the below graphic to help us envision finding our families in the 1940 census without the indexing being completed. 

Join in.  Join in and help us today.  You won’t regret it and you’ll come away with a real sense of accomplishment.  Your time and efforts count and will forever.



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